Steam oven MIELE DG 6001 GRGR

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DG 6001 Freestanding steam oven - the perfect complement to your existing kitchen equipment
Excellent results thanks to MonoSteam steam technology
3 different levels of baking without taste transfer
Easiest to use - EasySensor
Easy to clean thanks to the flat control panel
Convenient - automatic descaling program
Water tank capacity 1.2 L


Long-lasting foods: Fruits, vegetables, meat and sausages can be stored particularly comfortably in the steam oven.

Fish and seafood
Healthy seafood: fish and seafood are precisely prepared and retain their aroma and shape.


Delicate and juicy: meat cooked in a steam oven gets extra points for its intense taste.

Always in stock: potatoes, rice or pasta are suitable for any food and have a high nutritional value.


Best of the last: The Miele steam oven can also prepare a wide variety of desserts.

Egg boiling
Liquid, soft or hard? A few minutes at 100 ° C for your optimal morning egg


Making yogurt
Homemade: in just five hours at 40 ° C you can make yoghurt yourself with the steam oven.

Disinfection of feeding bottles
Bacteria-free in just 15 minutes: baby bottles can be disinfected quickly and easily at 100 ° C.


Whether creamy or clear - soups with different flavors are a beloved appetizer.

Optimal preparation: blanch the fruits and vegetables to then preserve them in the best quality.


Gentle against frozen: you can gently defrost frozen food at about 60 ° C and thus under ideal conditions.

As freshly prepared: the previous day's food can be perfectly heated at 80-100 ° C in a few minutes


Sous vide production
The greatest pleasure: meat, vegetables or fruits cooked in a vacuum ensure the ultimate taste experience.

Raising yeast dough
Airy and fluffy: with multi-talent you can also make yeast dough - at 40 ° C it rises wonderfully.


Warming wet towels
Professional pampering: give your guests a damp menu of wet towels from the "Miele" steam oven.

Keeping warm
Eat a little later? The steam oven automatically keeps the food warm for you for up to 15 minutes.


Steaming the juice
Turn the fruit into a delicious juice or jelly: by steaming the juice, you will get it especially gently.

Melting chocolate
Sweet temptation: At 90 ° C, chocolate melts without lumps and without burning - for cakes or cookies.


Skin removal
Easy to remove: the skin of tomatoes, nectarines, almonds and other fruits can be removed in 1 to 4 minutes in the steam oven.

Sterilization of storage jars
Ideally prepared: cans can be optimally disinfected for storing fruits, etc.


Nature in top form: gentle cooking in the steam oven preserves the taste and is also very healthy.

Type Steam oven
Power 2200 W
Oven volume (L) 24 L
Timer Yes
Lghting Yes
Oven inner surface Stainless steel
Adjustable thermostat Yes
Included pair of mounting grilles, collecting bowl, descaling tablets, silicone oil
Colour Graphite grey
Weight 16,7 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 38,2 x 49,5 x 32,7 cm