Steam oven MIELE DG 6010 OBSW

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freestanding steam oven - the perfect addition to your kitchen for healthy cooking
7-segment display with sensor buttons - EasySensor
Excellent results thanks to MonoSteam steam technology
Easy preparation of the whole meal - preparation of the whole menu
Steaming up to 3 levels at once
Easy to clean and compact - 24 l stainless steel baking chamber
Water tank capacity 1.2 L


Long-lasting foods: Fruits, vegetables, meat and sausages can be stored particularly comfortably in the steam oven.

Fish and seafood
Healthy seafood: fish and seafood are precisely prepared and retain their aroma and shape.


Delicate and juicy: meat cooked in a steam oven gets extra points for its intense taste.

Always in stock: potatoes, rice or pasta are suitable for any food and have a high nutritional value.


Best of the last: The Miele steam oven can also prepare a wide variety of desserts.

Egg boiling
Liquid, soft or hard? A few minutes at 100 ° C for your optimal morning egg


Making yogurt
Homemade: in just five hours at 40 ° C you can make yoghurt yourself with the steam oven.

Disinfection of feeding bottles
Bacteria-free in just 15 minutes: baby bottles can be disinfected quickly and easily at 100 ° C.


Whether creamy or clear - soups with different flavors are a beloved appetizer.

Optimal preparation: blanch the fruits and vegetables to then preserve them in the best quality.


Gentle against frozen: you can gently defrost frozen food at about 60 ° C and thus under ideal conditions.

As freshly prepared: the previous day's food can be perfectly heated at 80-100 ° C in a few minutes


Sous vide production
The greatest pleasure: meat, vegetables or fruits cooked in a vacuum ensure the ultimate taste experience.

Raising yeast dough
Airy and fluffy: with multi-talent you can also make yeast dough - at 40 ° C it rises wonderfully.


Warming wet towels
Professional pampering: give your guests a damp menu of wet towels from the "Miele" steam oven.

Keeping warm
Eat a little later? The steam oven automatically keeps the food warm for you for up to 15 minutes.


Steaming the juice
Turn the fruit into a delicious juice or jelly: by steaming the juice, you will get it especially gently.

Melting chocolate
Sweet temptation: At 90 ° C, chocolate melts without lumps and without burning - for cakes or cookies.


Skin removal
Easy to remove: the skin of tomatoes, nectarines, almonds and other fruits can be removed in 1 to 4 minutes in the steam oven.

Sterilization of storage jars
Ideally prepared: cans can be optimally disinfected for storing fruits, etc.


Nature in top form: gentle cooking in the steam oven preserves the taste and is also very healthy.

Type Steam oven
Power 2200 W
Oven volume (L) 24 L
Timer Yes
Lghting Yes
Oven inner surface Stainless steel
Adjustable thermostat Yes
Included pair of mounting grilles, collecting bowl, descaling tablets, silicone oil
Colour Black
Weight 17,5 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 38,2 x 49,5 x 32,7 cm