Car refrigerator CAMRY CR 8065 24L, 12V

Brand: CAMRY
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  • Temperature maintaining box with a capacity of 24 L
  • Peltier cooling
  • Switchable cooling or heating mode
  • Power selector switch 12V-OFF-230V
  • EPS insulation, wall insulation thickness 21 mm
  • The internal temperature during cooling is up to 12-14 ° C lower than the ambient, the standard operating temperature in the environment is 25 degrees
  • The internal temperature of heating is 60 ~ 65 ℃
  • Comfortable hinged lid
  • Handy carrying handle
  • Cables for connection to car battery 12V socket and mains 230V power supply included
  • Mains power 220-240V ~ 50Hz power consumption 50W for heating / 65W for cooling
  • Car battery powered power consumption 40W for heating / 50W for cooling
  • External dimensions 40 x 30 x 42.5 cm
  • Internal dimensions 32.3 x 22.5 x 34.2 cm
  • For optimal cooling, food and beverages should be placed in the refrigerator when already cold. Unrefrigerated foods reach their cooler temperature in the box in just 2-3 hours
  • The heating function allows you to keep food warm in this box for longer (does not heat up cool food)
Type Car refrigerator with peltier cooling
Description Cooling and heating box, for mains and car battery supply
Power supply Võrgutoide / 12 V aku toide
Power 65 W
Special features cools to 12-14 ° C below ambient temperature, keeps warm 60 ~ 65 ℃
Volume (L) 24 L
Colour Gray / white
Housing material Plastic
Mõõtmed 40 x 30 x 42,5 cm