Electric wine opener PRESTIGIO MAGGIORE

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100% automatic wine opener

The Maggiore wine opener is designed with special care, which allows you to open the wine bottle with playful ease but also with one hand. 
The button-free design makes it a breeze to use. Place the bottle upright, place the wine opener on the neck of the bottle and in a few moments
you can already serve the wine.

Open up to 70 bottles with just one load

 The automatic wine opener saves you the hassle. Maggiore is helpful for both home parties and public events, as it can open up to 70 bottles in a single charge.
Think about it - if you normally have to open about 3 bottles a week, you can use
the wine opener for up to half a year with one load.

Wireless charging on a base

Maggiore charges wirelessly on a small stand. There is no need to deal with separate wires and sockets. The LED indicates the remaining battery charge.

Foil cutter

Forget about the dangerous and uncomfortable sharp objects you have had to use to remove the foil from the bottle neck. There is a separate cutter for this, 
which is easy and fast to use. It is located at the top of the bottle opener. Place the cutter on the neck of the bottle, turn it a few times and remove the foil.

First-class design

Elegantly designed, Maggiore is a remarkable object in every room. The body of the wine opener is made of finely decorated metal. A professional sommelier 
as well as just an amateur wine lover would be happy with such a gift.
Type Electric wine opener
Description The battery lasts up to 70 bottles
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Included charging cradle, USB cable
Colour Black / gold
Weight 350 g