Electric scooter GPad Lite MAX, navy

Brand: GPAD
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It doesn't matter if you're aiming for a 10km commute or a quick shop visit on a neighboring street. The electric scooter is a lightweight and convenient solution for precisely such situations. Among other things, the electric scooter also saves nature!

The GPad Lite Max model is made of durable aluminum, which makes this electric scooter light and strong. The scooter is stylish - the design is dominated by clean lines, no cables or wires.

To improve driving comfort, the wheel size has been increased from 5 inches to 6.5 inches compared to last year's Lite model, and the front wheel is fitted with a shock absorber. The brakes are electronic front brake and foot brake. As the tires are made of solid rubber, there is no concern that the tires will be flat.

The electric scooter is suitable for commuting as well as for school children. In both cases, it is easy to fold it in just one movement, and to catch it with your hand or thanks to its light weight. It is also easy to take him in the bus or put in the trunk of the car. Due to the need for frequent folding and unfolding of the wheel, the Lite Max assembly mechanism has been repeatedly improved over the long development process. The Lite Max is equipped with a 250W front motor and 6Ah battery. On the LDC screen it is possible to set the cruise control among other settings.

The electric scooter is a great way to get around the city on pedestrian and light traffic roads to enjoy the freedom and fresh air. We recommend wearing a helmet when riding a GPad Lite Max electric scooter.

Wheel diameter 6,5"
Engine power 250 W
Maximum movement speed 25 km/h
Maximum distance 15 km
Bearing capacity 100 kg
Backlight Yes
Front light Yes
Brakes Electric front brake and rear wheel manual brake
Battery type Lithium-ion battery 24 V
Charging time 4 h
Screen Yes
Weight 9,9 kg
Guarantee 12 months