Electronic filter jug AQUAPHOR A500

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Instead of a conventional charcoal filter, this water filtration jug uses a filter with an activated composite mixture Aqualen®.

Aqualen ™ is a patented ion exchange fiber that irreversibly binds heavy metal ions, including lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes. Of the ion exchange materials used in conventional water filters, the area of Aqualen ™ is 33 times larger. Larger surface area means more cleaning in one pour. Combined with high-density ultra-fine carbon absorbents, Aqualen tagab provides exceptionally high cleaning results.

To charge the electronic system, the top panel must be connected to the USB port with a cable. The corresponding status lights on the panel indicate the battery status.

Description water filter jug with rechargeable electronic filter system
Volume (L) 2,8 L
Special features Aqualen-filter