Espresso machine Jura Giga 6 Aluminium

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Double capacity for making 28 coffee drinks

The secret to making perfect coffee lies in a good extraction process, and only the best ingredients must be used to prepare different coffee drinks. The new GIGA 6 heats and froths milk perfectly and has three coffee extraction processes that are activated according to the selected coffee drink. The interior of the machine has been redesigned to include two heating systems and two pumps that allow for the preparation of both coffee and milk or coffee and milk foam at the same time. This has opened up completely new possibilities for coffee lovers, for example in the form of popular coffee drinks such as caffè latte, flat white or cortado. JURA's new joy and pride can even prepare two different coffee drinks at the same time if desired. Milk and milk foam are prepared according to your taste and there are 10 heat levels for their temperature.

2 electronically adjustable ceramic grinders

The two electronically adjustable ceramic blades are precision-crafted using an incredibly strong material to grind the coffee as finely as possible. The electronically controlled automatic adjustment system (A.G.A.) ensures a phenomenal result every time throughout the life of the mill. The grinder has two automatically adjustable blades, so that coffee with two different degrees of grinding can be used at the same time, either separately or mixed together. The composition of the mixture can be adjusted in increments of 25% (for example, you can choose whether 100% left, 75% left / 25% right, 50% left / 50% right, etc.) so that you can always prepare coffee that suits your taste.

Artificial intelligence

Through the GIGA 6 model, artificial intelligence has also reached the coffee machine. The 4.3-inch high-resolution color touchscreen displays only the most important information to the user. The self-learning algorithm recognizes the preferences of each user and adapts the home screen accordingly, showing two, five or eight preferred coffee drinks. Images and symbols are self-explanatory, well designed and optimally sized. You can give coffee drinks special names that can be shown or hidden.

A solution worthy of five stars

JURA engineers paid special attention to the new design of the waste drawer. The dishwasher safe drip tray can be easily removed, emptied and reinserted with one hand. Its center of gravity is perfectly positioned so that nothing drips over the edge. Simple, clean, fast and convenient - this five-star solution is used down to the last detail.

Espresso machine type Fully automatic
Power 2300 W
Pressure (bar) 15 bar
Info screen Sensor panel
Volume (L) 2,6 L
Adjustable grinding Yes
Milk foam Yes-automatic
Coffee strength regulation Yes
Height adjustable coffee spout Yes
Making two coffee cups simultaneously Yes
Mill type Ceramic
Possibility to use pre-ground coffee Yes
Water filter Claris Smart
Bean container (g) 560 g
Coffee grounds container (portions) 20 portions
Automatic cleaning Yes
Special features 28 programmable coffee drinks, Smart Connect, smart I.P.B.A.S.© pre-draw system
Colour Silver color
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 41,5 x 32 x 48 cm