Espresso machine JURA Z10 Aluminium Black

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The world's first espresso machine with a product recognition grinder for making hot and cold coffee drinks
The new Z10 is a masterpiece by Swiss engineers that doubles the selection of coffee drinks. The espresso machine prepares many different hot drinks at the touch of a button, from intense espresso to trendy flat white. In addition, the machine adds a whole new dimension to coffee enjoyment by offering cold brewed coffee drinks. This is possible thanks to the product detection grinder (P.R.G.), which recognizes the selected coffee beverage and changes the degree of coffee grinding quickly and accurately. JURA has developed a cold extraction process, which is literally a refreshing innovation. During the process, cold water is passed under high pressure as pulses through freshly ground coffee. The result is a whole new way to enjoy coffee thanks to its refreshing and perfectly balanced aroma.

This premium coffee machine has an ultra-fast 4.3-inch touch screen and a rotary switch with a Blue Crystal design. Thanks to the special options menu and artificial intelligence, it is extremely easy to use. Significant advances in technology are also reflected in design. The aluminum front panel with concave details shows how much attention has been paid to all parts and how precise the production process is. The state-of-the-art Z10 is undoubtedly a great choice - discover the perfect world of coffee enjoyment.

New product detection mill (P.R.G.)
JURA engineers have developed a product detection grinder (P.R.G.) to ensure the optimal degree of grinding for each coffee beverage. The electronically controlled high-performance grinder adapts to a predetermined degree of grinding in a fraction of a second, which is much faster and more frequent than could be done manually. You can choose between a very fine grind for making small coffee drinks and a very coarse degree for more special coffee drinks. Coffee lovers don't have to worry, because the adjustment is done automatically during the preparation of each drink. In addition, the degree of grinding can be selected manually, if desired, using the aroma selection function.

Cold brewing - exceptional freshness
Thanks to the cold brewing process, the Z10 makes truly delicious cold brewed coffee drinks. Many common cold coffee drinks are usually made with hot coffee, which is then cooled. However, the Z10 brewing process uses cold water, which is passed under high pressure as pulses through coarser ground coffee. The end result is a natural, invigorating and refreshing coffee, the fruit aromas of which can be enjoyed without the bitter aftertaste. Without such a preparation, it would be just one cold coffee to drink in a cup.

Eighth generation fume cupboard
The brew group is the most important part of any fully automatic coffee machine. For the Z10, JURA created the eighth generation fume cupboard. In the chamber with the unique 3D brewing technology, the water flows evenly through the ground coffee on several levels. This allows you to bring out the aroma of both hot and cold brewed coffee drinks to the maximum.

Lasting elegance
Careful selection of materials and materials are very important for the durability of the product. JURA's goal is to create coffee machines that people can be proud of and that will look fresh and modern for many years to come. Uncompromising quality, durable and first-class materials and maximum technical precision ensure both culinary and aesthetic excellence throughout the life of the machine. The luxurious aluminum front panel with curved and concave details is the result of the best craftsmanship. The elegant wavy water tank and harmonious filter housing are just two examples of paying attention to the seemingly smallest details. From the first touch of the Z10, you can see what the real values are for JURA.

Espresso machine type Fully automatic
Power 1450 W
Info screen Sensor panel
Volume (L) 2,4 L
Prepared drinks 32 different drinks
Adjustable grinding Jah
Milk foam Yes-automatic
Coffee strength regulation Jah
Height adjustable coffee spout Jah
Making two coffee cups simultaneously Jah
Possibility to use pre-ground coffee Jah
Water filter Claris Smart
Bean container (g) 280 g
Coffee grounds container (portions) 20 portions
Automatic cleaning Jah
Special features Cold drawing process, WiFi, control from the smart device application
Colour Black alluminium
Weight 12,3 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 38 x 32 x 45 cm