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IPL hair removal device BRAUN PL5117

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The safest, fastest and most effective IPL (Photo Epilator). Permanent hair loss after 4 weeks of use *
Main features

The only IPL device with SensoAdapt ™ technology that continuously evaluates your skin tone and adjusts the light intensity accordingly for best results.
Ultra fast. Less than 5 minutes for foot care (lowest power).
The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL is ergonomically designed, stylish, compact, lightweight and handy.
Thanks to its unique design, it is comfortable to use in difficult-to-reach areas. No charge, no gels or lamps required.
Clinically tested and skin friendly.
The device has a lifetime of 400,000 flashes, which is enough to maintain your body for up to 20 years.
Extra precision tip for face and smaller skin areas.
+ Cosmetic bag.
+ Gillette Venus Razor.
* Efficiency is based on a combination of aperture size, speed and energy. Safety technology is shared with Cyden.

SensoAdapt ™ technology
Automatically adjusts the light intensity to the optimum level for the safest and most effective maintenance.

Not only is the skin tone of different parts of the body different, but it often also varies over the same area of the body.
Light intensity of different intensities should be used for different skin tones. The darker the skin, the more energy it absorbs, which can cause discomfort.
The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL is the only one of its kind that has a smart SensoAdapt ™ sensor, which constantly evaluates the skin tone and automatically adjusts the light intensity before every flash (up to 80 times per second). This ensures that the light reaches the skin with the right amount of light and ensures effective and safe care.

Comfortable maintenance modes
Normal mode is suitable for, for example, hands, feet, chest and back.
Gentle and particularly gentle settings might be preferable when first using the device or in sensitive areas, such as face and intimate care. In this mode, the device responds to skin tone changes as quickly and accurately as in normal mode, but simply emits a weaker light.
The slip regime provides fast and effective care and would be preferable for large areas of the body (such as arms, legs, sternum and back). To use the device in this mode, hold down the maintenance button and move the device from one end of the body area to the other with slow and smooth strokes.
The press mode is suitable for sensitive or small areas of the body that are difficult to access, such as knees, lower legs, ankles and the intimate area, and the armpits and face of women. To use the device in this mode, briefly press the maintenance button. The unit will make one flash. Lift the appliance and place it on a new skin cloth adjacent to the area where it is already serviced.
Fastest IPL maintenance
Unique combination: high light energy and high frequency of flashes. Stable and visible results quickly and conveniently.

The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL is ergonomically designed, stylish, compact, lightweight and handy.
The device is plugged in so you can use it seamlessly. All you have to do is plug it in and you can start maintenance.
The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL is the fastest IPL technology on the market today - with a flash spacing of less than 0.9 seconds, which means an average of 5 minutes for foot care.
The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL unit is uniquely designed to be comfortable to use, even in difficult to access areas. No charging, no gels or lamps required.
The device's flash can produce 400,000 flashes, equivalent to about a full body care over 20 years.
Use on body and face
This ensures safe use of the device on the body and face:

The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL device acts on a 3 cm2 area at a time and has a built-in skin touch sensor that ensures that pulsed light is emitted only when the device is very close to the skin. For the device to work properly, the tip must be properly against the skin. If the device is not properly in contact with the skin, it will be indicated by a red warning light.
Extra precision tip for face and smaller skin areas (PL5137, PL5124, PL5117 only).
The Braun Silk-expert Pro IPL device is not for everyone. It is most effective on skin with a light to medium tone and on hairs ranging from natural blonde to dark brown or black. The device is not very effective on light blacks, red, gray and white hairs that are low in melanin and thus do not absorb light energy.

Epilator power supply Cable
Epilator type IPL Hair Removal Device
Number of flashes 400 000
Waterproof Ei
Special features 400000 valgussähvatust, SensoAdapt
Description Kaasas Gillette Venus raseerija ja kosmeetikakott
Case Jah