Toothbrush nozzles MEGASONEX 2pcs medium

The Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush is much more effective than a conventional electric toothbrush for removing plaque and reducing gum injuries and irritations!

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The Megasonex Ultrasonic Toothbrush can remind you to brush your teeth equally. To do this, there is a 30-second timer that turns the brush off for half a second and turns it back on.
• The number of movements is proportional to 192,000,000 manual movements per minute (96,000,000 ultrasound waves).
• The battery life of the Megasonex Ultrasonic Toothbrush is up to 3 months.
• The Megasonex Ultrasonic Toothbrush helps improve gum health, effectively removes plaque, and makes teeth smoother and shinier.
• Travel case is included.
There are three modes:
96,000,000 ultrasonic waves + 18,000 audible vibrations in the form of vibrations
96,000,000 ultrasonic waves + 9,000 audible vibrations in the form of vibrations
96,000,000 million ultrasound waves

The technology used is so innovative that it needed special permission from the US Defense Forces to export it. MEGASONEX® uses the technology used in modern medical devices, providing brush users with a unique cleaning experience in their class. MEGASONEX ultrasound is the only ultrasonic brush sold in Estonia.

Real softness
Effective or gentle…? But maybe both? MEGASONEX® uses ultrasonic waves for powerful cleaning, yet so small and fast that they cannot be recognized. Because it uses a low-amplitude brush with ultra-flexible bristles to wipe away the remaining dirt, it is one of the most delicate toothbrushes in its class.

Ergonomic shape
Inspired by the design of luxury fountain pens, the brush weighs only 88 grams and overlooks the power of a powerful ultrasonic device. Thanks to its balanced design and streamlined, well-fitting shape, brushing your teeth is more enjoyable than ever.

Accuracy of movements
When it comes to brushing your teeth, it's not the raw power that matters, but the precise control of your movements. With the help of science, we have created a precision instrument whose compact head helps to reach the most difficult places, thus providing a brushing comfort that previously seemed impossible.

High end design
We are convinced that our product must be as beautiful and smart as its users. That's why we let leading California and Japanese designers work hard on even the smallest details to create one exceptional toothbrush.

An avid traveler
Good oral hygiene is something to keep in mind when traveling, so we've designed a toothbrush that you can take with you wherever you go. With a universal input voltage charger, durable shockproof housing and compact dimensions that fit into almost any hygiene bag, it is a great travel companion anywhere in the world.

Reliable quality
No concessions were made to create a high quality product that would last long. We are proud that the quality of our product is literally touchable. And our extensive warranty proves that we are truly convinced of the quality of the product.

Nature friendly
Thanks to patented SmartCircuit ™ technology, our product lowers energy by turning off the power when not needed. Compliance with international environmental standards and recyclable product packaging help ensure that our ecological footprint is minimized.

Number of nozzles 2
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