Integrated espresso machine BOSCH CTL636ES6

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Your coffee specialist is just a click away

You certainly know how complex and full of nuances it can be to prepare a cup of good coffee. With the Home Connect application, know-how is easily available to you and you can find all the necessary information on your smart device in an instant. With just a click of a button, you can unlock great new recipes and discover new things, from growing coffee to roasting beans at home.

Masterfully served

Serve coffee to guests with confidence - making good coffee can be difficult if you're not a barista. Thanks to the CoffeeWorld function of the Home Connect app, making any style of coffee is easy and just a click away. Simply choose the type of coffee you want from among international coffee drinks and let the Bosch espresso machine take care of the rest.

A coffee machine that allows you to drink freely

We are often so busy entertaining guests that the quality time spent with them is left behind. The Home Connect app Coffee Playlist takes your coffee order and gives you precious free moments. Enter your guests' coffee orders via your smart device and let the coffee machine take care of fulfilling their orders. All you have to do is simply put the appropriate cup under the machine's coffee spout at the right moment. Now just raise the cups to the guests one after the other and enjoy the pleasant company.

Espresso machine type Fully automatic
Power 1600 W
Pressure (bar) 19 bar
Info screen Jah
Volume (L) 2,4 L
Prepared drinks cappuccino, espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, milk coffee + 8 customizable coffee drinks with milk
Adjustable grinding Jah
Milk foam Yes-automatic
Steam/hot water Jah
Coffee strength regulation Jah
Height adjustable coffee spout Jah
Making two coffee cups simultaneously Jah
Mill type Ceramic
Possibility to use pre-ground coffee Jah
Water filter Jah
Bean container (g) 500 g
Automatic cleaning Jah
Special features Installation method integrated, Home Connect app compatibility via Wi-Fi
Included mounting screws, hose for milk frother, milk thermos, milk tube, measuring spoon, test strip
Colour Stainless steel
Weight 20,07 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 45,5 x 59,4 x 37,5 cm