KAMADO PREMIUM ceramic table grill 15 "(matt black)

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NEW! 2020 matte black model

Grill Ø40 cm
Grill grate Ø35 cm
Barbecue weight 30kg

What is the difference between a kamado grill and a regular charcoal grill?

Kamado grills have a ceramic shell that stores heat, which means that the charcoal temperature is significantly lower than conventional charcoal grills. Therefore, the ceramic grill does not dry the food as much, and thanks to the significantly better heat storage properties of the body, especially juicy and tasty foods are prepared. Smoke and moisture are retained inside the grill and thus better penetrate the food being grilled. Weatherproof ceramics and stainless metal parts ensure you a faithful companion for many years.

What is a kamado grill and what is it used for?

The first ceramic grills were invented in Asia more than 3,000 years ago. The oldest clay grills are found in China - later the original clay was replaced by ceramics. The modern kamado grill came on the market after the Second World War. The word "kamado" means "stove" or "baking area" in Japanese. In modern use, ‘kamado’ means a ceramic grill with different baking options, such as smoking, slow baking, roasting and grilling.

Type Ceramic grill
Description 15 "ceramic table grill
Mõõtmed Ø 40 cm
Housing material Keraamika / metall
Colour Black
Weight 30 kg