Meat aging refrigerator Caso Dry Aged Master 380 Pro

Brand: CASO
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For preserving, drying and maturing high quality meat; refrigerator internal humidity adjustable between 50 - 85%; 3-layer UV-protected glass door; antibacterial UV indoor lighting; built-in activated carbon filter. Equipped with shelves and hanging hooks.

Freezing compartment placement N/A
Fridge type Single-door
Installation method Freestanding
Annual energy consumption (kWh) 200 kWh
Fridge capacity (L) 380 L
Refrigerator control Inner
Info screen Yes
Shelf material Metal
Led-lighting Yes
Temperature interval +2 ... 14°C
Special features activated carbon filter, UV-antibacterial light, UV-protected glass door, lock
Colour Stainless steel
Weight 104 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 186 x 60 x 73,5 cm