Microwave WHIRLPOOL MWP 203 SB

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Fast grilling, faster cleaning. The powerful grill function of this microwave oven ensures the same delicious result as a traditional oven. The grill is easier to clean than usual because it is tiltable.

Raising the dough
The DoughRising function allows you to prepare the yeast perfectly for bread and dough. This special program keeps the internal temperature of the Maxi Chef oven constant at 30 ° C - the ideal temperature for the dough to rise.

Yogurt function
Make your snacks healthier with the yogurt function. This special function makes it easy to ferment yoghurt and increase its nutritional value.

Heating function
Faster reheating. Enjoy reheated food in just minutes.

Keeping warm
Warm comfort. The Warm Keeping function of this Whirlpool microwave ensures that the food stays warm for up to 4 hours, while protecting it from drying out, so you can start eating just when you want it.

Quartz grill
The perfect baking experience. The quartz grill heats and cooks food faster than a traditional infrared grill. Quartz grill is resource efficient, reduces energy consumption and is also completely self-cleaning.

Auto Cook
Large selection of delicious dishes. A whole world of baking options - specially selected according to the needs of different lifestyles and nutritional choices: healthy, party, ethnic, vegetarian and more.


Type Microwave with grill
Microwave volume (L) 20
Installation method Freestanding
Grill Power (W) 1000 W
Microwave power (W) 700 W
Power levels 5
Microwave control Electronic
Timer Yes
Special programmes AutoCook, dough leavening, yoghurt, keeping warm, defrosting
Turntable ⌀ (sm) 24,5 cm
Inner surface couating White enamel
Colour Stainless steel / black
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 26,2 x 45,2 x 36,3 cm