Bubble machine AGA Balance, white

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Helps with transporting heavy drink bottles home from the store! BUT with a bubble machine, you turn tap water into a fresh bubbly drink in seconds. Make carbonated water, delicious lemonades, refreshing energy drinks or cocktails for your party exactly to your taste! Aerating tap water at home is convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly. Another advantage of the bubble machine over carbonated bottled water is that you can choose the level of carbonation that suits you.

As the AQVIA whirlpool works without electricity and is light and mobile, you can enjoy carbonated drinks wherever you want - on the dining table, on the terrace, in the cottage, on the hiking bus, in the sailboat ...

AQVIA Balance is a bubble machine that is top quality and beautifully designed and easy to use. Installing the bottle is easy and all you have to do is press the button on the front of the appliance to make bubble water.

AQVIA Balance is made of high-quality plastic and contains fine Softell details, so they can withstand everyday use. In 2013 and 2014, WiseGuide, the largest consumer tester in the Nordic countries, selected AQVIA models as the best bubble machine in several categories.

In addition to the bubble machine, the AQVIA® Balance bubble machine kit includes an interchangeable 425-gram carbon dioxide cylinder that can produce approximately 60 liters of carbonated water and a plastic PET bottle (1 liter).

AQVIA Balance:

• Easy to make carbonated water
• No electricity or batteries required
• The water bottle is easy to insert and remove
• Classic design
• Made of recycled matte plastic
• CO2 cylinder = 60 L of bubble water

Only carbonate clean drinking water. For the first time, just do not experiment until you find the right level of carbonation for you. The bubbling water can be seasoned by adding various essences, syrups or natural juices after aerating.

CO2 cylinders can be exchanged at Linde service points and at dealers, see locations: http://my.aga.ee/edasimyyjad

Choose a compact and beautiful-looking bubble water machine from AGA and make your own drink at home!

Description makes up to 60 L of carbonated drinking water with one gas cylinder
Special features works without power
Included 1L PET bottle and gas cylinder
Colour White
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 43,6 x 14,3 x 26,6 cm