Noice-cancelling wireless headphones Sony WH-1000XM3B, black


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Isolate yourself from the surroundings with state-of-the-art noise-canceling headphones
Escape the city noise with these noise-canceling headphones with the latest noise reduction technology. The technology used in the WH-1000XM3 valves is the most innovative thanks to the well-fitting ear cushions and the HD noise reduction processor QN1.

More power = less noise
Thanks to the new high-definition noise reduction processor QN1, the noise reduction efficiency is higher. A separate special NC processor also ensures that the quality of music playback is not affected in any way as a result of the work of the processor.

Noise reduction designed for air travel
The Unique Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing function helps to produce optimal sound even at altitudes, so that noise attenuation is best during the flight.

Personalizable noise reduction
The Unique Personal Optimizing function analyzes the acoustic characteristics of the head size, glasses, hair characteristics and optimizes the sound accordingly.

Wireless freedom of movement, excellent sound quality and silence
LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at a maximum transmission rate of 990 kbps) than standard BLUETOOTH® wireless audio transmission, enabling high-definition audio reproduction in exceptional quality that is close to the maximum audio quality that can be achieved with a wired connection.

Genuine sound
The HD Noise Canceling Processor (QN1) has a built-in amplifier that realizes the best signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion for wireless devices, resulting in exceptional sound quality. Powerful 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) headphones make these headphones perfect for listening to even the strongest types of music and playing full-range frequencies up to 40 kHz.

Smart SENSE ENGINE - automatically adapts to the surroundings
Adaptive sound control automatically detects user actions - such as traveling, walking, waiting, and more. and adjusts the ambient sound accordingly.

Ready to chat with one touch
Without taking your headphones on, you can instantly chat with other people by simply placing your hand on the earpiece body and muting the music.

Ambient Sound Control lets you stream important outside sounds
Adjust the hearing of ambient sounds Sony | Use the Headphones Connect app to hear what you really need on the go.

Adjust the sound to your liking
SENSE ENGINE ™ allows you to turn music on and off with just one touch.

Sony I Headphones Connect application
Download the Sony I Headphones Connect application to use the Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control function, adjust the ambient sound transmission settings and adjust the equalizer settings.

Find the perfect sound settings for you either from the pre-recorded modes or customize the mode to yourself using Sony | Headphones Connect application.

Virtual ringtone
Feel as if surrounded by sounds, wherever you are. Experience a sound adapted to different environments, such as on an outdoor stage, in a club, concert hall or stadium.

Sound direction selection
You can select the direction from which the sound will sound, just like with a wireless speaker.

All-day comfort
The super-soft and pressure-relieving ear cushions have urethane foam padding and hold well on the head. The spacious interior of the headset, which has enough space for the ear, adds comfort. The light weight and comfort of wearing makes it feel that without music, you would not feel them in your head.

Day out battery life and fast charging
With a full battery life of 30 hours, you can listen to long days of music on a single charge. If you need to charge quickly, you get 5 extra listening hours by charging the battery in just 10 minutes.

Smarter than average headphones
All controls are at your fingertips. Answer phone calls by double-tapping, switching between songs, or just adjusting the volume by tapping or swiping the panel. The headphone voice assistant is also just a long press away.

Reversible headphones and folding design
The headphones turn inwards and the flaps fold, so they can be nicely placed in a compact box.

Carrying case with cord
The included box is durable and includes a cord to provide wired listening.

Type Big headphones
Connection type Bluetooth
Waterproof Ei
Wireless headphones Yes
Element 40 mm
Bluetooth Yes
Impedance (ohms) 47 oomi
Sensitivity 104 dB
Sound frequency band 4-40000 Hz
Microphone Yes
Battery durability 30 h
Charging time 3 h
Plug type 3,5 mm
Noise reduction Yes
Special features comes with audio cable for wired listening, storage box
Colour Black