Smart switch NEDIS Wifi

Brand: NEDIS
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You can now choose smart instead of the standard light switch. This smart wall mounted lamp switch allows you to switch the lighting on and off remotely or automatically.

You can simply turn the light on and off at the touch of a button. However, you can also connect this switch to your home Wi-Fi network and turn the light on / off using your smartphone or voice control (using Amazon Alexa or Google Home). Note: A neutral cable is required to connect the switch to a 230V power supply.

Durable - lasts more than 100,000 switching cycles.
Discreet - blends well with the interior of a room.
Powerful - Set the times for lights and devices to turn on and off, and control your devices by voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
Multipurpose - Can be used locally or remotely / automated.

Type Nutikodu valgustuse lüliti
Description Ühendatav WiFi võrku