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Washer-dryer HOTPOINT RDD 1175238 KD VJ EU

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Inverter motor

The new brushless inverter motor saves energy and effectively controls drum movement, improving washing results and reducing vibration.


Digital mobility technology

Inverter technology ensures complete control over the operation of the motor, offering more than 10 different drum movements designed to remove various stains and protect laundry.

Reducing wrinkles

Helps prevent wrinkles in your laundry due to the movement of the drum without heating.


Steam technology

At the end of the wash cycle, steaming takes place to ensure intensive deep cleaning.


Steam refresh program

The steam freshener is designed to refresh clothes without washing, saving time, water and energy and removing unpleasant odors with steam and reducing wrinkles in just 20 minutes.


Direct injection

Direct injection ensures that the water and detergent are premixed to allow better penetration of the fabric and faster activation of enzymes.


Heat profile

The heat profile is an algorithm that determines the time required to heat the laundry. The temperature rise is stopped in time to save energy and prevent overheating.


Gentle movement of the drum

The movement of the drum reduces the friction and strain on the fabric, protecting its colors.



The washing machine offers extended anti-allergic protection thanks to the Anit-Allergy PLUS 60 ° wash cycle, which uses a temperature of 60 ° C to kill allergens and 5 rinses to remove them.


Choose the optional product warranty and receive a worry-free 3-year warranty period (in addition to the regular 2-year warranty), during which you can repair and return a replaced product within Estonia (excluding small islands) while the product can be repaired.

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Engine type Inverter engine
Installation method Freestanding
Load capacity (kg) 11 kg
Drying volume (kg) 7 kg
Energy class D
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile 70 kWh
Energiaklass koos kuivatusega E
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile (pesu+kuivatus) 414 kWh
Spin (s/min) 1551
Spin performance class A
Müra tsentrifuugimisel 83 dB
Müraklass tsentrifuugimisel D
Water consumption cycle (l) 52 L
Veekulu tsükkel (pesu+kuivatus) 66 L
Eco programmi kestvus 240 min
Eco programmi kestvus pesu+kuivatus 590 min
Drum volume (l) 71 L
Delayed start Yes
Special features steam refreshment, reduction of wrinkles, detergent injection
Colour Black
Weight 73,4 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85 x 59,5 x 60,5 cm