Washer-dryer machine MIELE WTR870WPM PWash &TDos

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WT1 washer-dryer with TwinDos and QuickPower - clothes change quickly at the touch of a button

  • The best liquid detergent system at the touch of a button - TwinDos
  • Washing and drying in the shortest time - QuickPower
  • Your favorite item of clothing is ready for a party in <1 hour - Single Wash & Dry
  • MTouch - control directly with buttons or simple sliding
  • Miele @ home - smartly networked for more options
Installation method Freestanding
Engine type ProfiEco
Load capacity (kg) 8 kg
Drying volume (kg) 5 kg
Energy class A
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile 46 kWh
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile (pesu+kuivatus) 262 kWh
Spin (s/min) 1600
Spin performance class A
Müra tsentrifuugimisel 69 dB
Müraklass tsentrifuugimisel A
Water consumption cycle (l) 47 L
Veekulu tsükkel (pesu+kuivatus) 68 L
Washing performance A
Eco programmi kestvus 219 min
Eco programmi kestvus pesu+kuivatus 389 min
Automatic weighting Yes
Foam sensor Yes
Delayed start Yes
Showing time left Yes
Special features AddLoad, Miele@home, TwinDos süsteem, QuickPower, Paneel- täispuutetundlik - keeltevalik
Colour White
Weight 98 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85 x 59,6 x 63,7 cm