Washing machine WHIRLPOOL FFB 8458 BV EE

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6th Sense technology

6th Sense smart sensors optimize time, water and energy consumption according to the amount and type of laundry.

Inverter motor

The innovative inverter motor of the Whirlpool washing machine ensures long-term quiet operation. Enjoy the perfect washing result and silence.


Make sure your clothes stay fresh after the cycle.
The innovative FreshCare + system takes care of the clothes in your washing machine with gentle steaming and drum movement [i].
The new FreshCare + system gently massages the laundry by steaming with a slow motion alternating between regular drums. This ensures air circulation through the fibers to keep the clothes fresh and to prevent bad odors. The FreshCare + treatment really provides fresher laundry and peace of mind even hours after the end of the cycle.
[i] FreshCare + treatment inhibits the proliferation of major sources of odor (in the washing machine) for up to 6 hours after the end of the wash cycle. It is not suitable for use with programs for delicates and blankets.

Steam update

The steam refresh function makes clothes fresh again, avoiding unnecessary washing. The clothes are ready to wear again in just 20 minutes. The washing machine generates a stream of steam that penetrates the fibers, removing unpleasant odors, relaxing the fibers and smoothing out wrinkles.

Degree of soiling

Custom result. This Whirlpool washing machine detects the degree of soiling of the laundry and automatically sets the optimal washing settings so that you can always enjoy perfect results.

Child lock

Safety first. This Whirlpool washing machine has a child lock system to prevent small children from accidentally using the machine.


Type Front-loading washing machine
Engine type Inverter engine
Load capacity (kg) 8 kg
Energy class B
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile 54 kWh
Spin (s/min) 1400
Spin performance class B
Müra tsentrifuugimisel 78 dB
Müraklass tsentrifuugimisel C
Water consumption cycle (l) 48 L
Special programmes sportswear, delicates, express program
Eco programmi kestvus 225 min
Installation method Freestanding
Showing time left Yes
Automatic weighting Yes
Delayed start Yes
Colour White
Weight 67 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 84,3 x 59,5 x 63 cm