Side-by-side refrigerator HOTPOINT E4D XC1

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Total No Frost
This innovative technology helps keep the temperature even and restores the temperature in the best way to ensure the best preservation of the food.

0 ° C storage zone
Ideal place to store fish and meat at about 0 ° C, keeping its original quality for up to 7 days.

Ventilation technology
The air circulating in the refrigerator keeps the temperature even and stable, maintaining the right humidity level and preventing the food from drying out.

Freezing compartment placement Bottom
Fridge type Four-door
Installation method Freestanding
Energy class F
Annual energy consumption (kWh) 360 kWh
Noise level (dB) 41 dB
Müraklass C
Storage time in case of malfunction 15 h
Freezing capacity (kg/24 h) 16 kg / 24h
Fridge capacity (L) 302 L
Freezer capacity (L) 150 L
No Frost Yes
Refrigerator control Inner
Info screen Yes
Open door alarm Yes
Shelf material Reinforced glass
Shelves/adjustable shelves in refrigerator 2 / -
Drawers/shelves in freezer 2 / -
Led-lighting Yes
Colour Stainless steel
Weight 98 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 195,5 x 70 x 78 cm