Water bottle AGA black, 1 L

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AQVIA bottles are made of PET plastic, and the cap and base are also made of plastic. All AQVIA water bottles have a bayonet attachment, thanks to which it is easy and quick to attach and remove the bottle from the machine - the bottle only needs to be turned 1/8 of a turn. AQVIA bottles do not contain bisphenol, phthalates or other harmful substances. Among other things, the quality of the bottles has been thoroughly checked with a pressure test.

PET bottles are lightweight and easy to keep clean with regular hand washing. AQVIA bottles have a shelf life of approximately 3 years. The last date of use is marked on the bottles, which ensures safe use. It is not recommended to wash the bottles in the dishwasher, as hot water shortens the life of the plastic!


  • Remember that the sparkling water machine is only designed to carbonate water.
  • Do not wash the bottles in the dishwasher or with too hot water!
  • As the last day of use approaches, replace the water bottle with a new one.
  • When making drinks, add the drink concentrate to freshly carbonated water.
Type soda bottle Aqvia/AGA
Description 1 L PET plastikust mulliveemasina pudel, must