Washing-drying machine LG F4DN409S0

Brand: LG
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Delivery time: 10
Service provider
ESTO järelmaks
Approx. monthly payment
Monthly payment
569,90 €
Transport 10 Workday
Installation method Freestanding
Engine type Direct drive engine
Load capacity (kg) 9 kg
Drying volume (kg) 5 kg
Energy class E
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile 77 kWh
Energiakulu 100 tsüklile (pesu+kuivatus) 310 kWh
Spin (s/min) 1400
Spin performance class B
Noise level at washing/drying (dB) 55 / 74 dB
Water consumption cycle (l) 75 L
Washing performance A
Number of programmes 12
Special programmes Auruprogramm, kiirpesu
Input opening diameter (sm) 30 cm
Drum volume (l) 59 L
Automatic weighting Yes
Delayed start Yes
Showing time left Yes
Special features 6Motion tehnoloogia, Steam
Colour Valge
Weight 69 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85 x 60 x 56 cm