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Bubble machine AQVIA Exclusive

AQVIA Exclusive Stainless Steel is a high quality carbonation machine made entirely of stainless steel.

SKU: 323604 ,   Qty: In Stock
135,90 €
Price monthly 12,05 €
Syrup AQVIA orange light

Orange-flavored concentrate for drinks, which makes it a bit of a soft drink.
One bottle contains 580 ml of concentrate, which gives about 12 liters of drink.

SKU: 332301 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
4,90 €
Bubble machine AQVIA Balance

The AQVIA Balance is a high quality, beautifully designed carbonator that is easy to use.

SKU: 332334 ,   Qty: In Stock
95,90 €
Price monthly 8,49 €
Water bottle AQVIA white 1L

Bottom and cap colored, body transparent.
The bottles are compatible with both AQVIA Exclusive and AQVIA Balance models.

SKU: 330442 ,   Qty: In Stock
8,90 €