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Design & Lifestyle TVs

Frame TV, Outdoor TV, and Serif TV offer diversity to a style-conscious consumer, allowing them to choose a television that perfectly complements their home design. For example, Frame TV adds an artistic element into the decor. Outdoor TV is designed for offering entertainment in outdoor conditions and Serif TV unites functionality with design for a stunning visual impression.

Samsung's Frame TV is characterized by its Art Mode, allowing the TV screen to function as a hanging artwork on the wall, and with various available frame options, it seamlessly blends into the interior. Outdoor TV is designed for outdoor installation, thanks to its weather-resistant construction and bright screen, ensuring clear picture quality even in sunlight. Serif TV, in turn, is a stylish and eye-catching television with a unique "I" shaped design, thus creating the impression of an elegant piece of furniture.

There are lifestyle TVs from a leading brand Samsung in the Expert's selection. Order your new TV conveniently for home delivery today!

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Design & Lifestyle TVs
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