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Estonian consumers have been enjoying EXPERT for 25 years. There are 13 EXPERT stores in Estonia today. The goal is to offer the latest models of high-quality home appliances today, tomorrow and also after many years. Long-term experience and in-depth knowledge are the basis for our operations and the prerequisite for selling professional home appliances.

Good products, good prices - of course from EXPERT!

Expert's technical stores offer world-class brand names as well as products from less well-known but good-quality manufacturers. When we make a selection of goods, we do not try to make our customers eye-catching with a huge variety of different goods that perform the same function. On the contrary, our purchasing experts have made their choice of all available goods so that each product fulfills all its essential functions and offers the customer something extra.
Expert - the best service shop in Estonia!

In April 2009, an independent research company, Dive Eesti Äripäev, published a summary of the quality of service research of Estonian technical stores in the field of service research. The results showed that Expert is the best customer service store in Estonia. Test customers behaved as ordinary customers when visiting shops and evaluating telephone and email services, knowing that they were interested in cameras.The shops of Euronics, Enter, Entre, Klick, and Microcomputer also participated in the test.

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