Instalment payment

Installment payment providers: 

Expert offers installment payment purchase with the following partners:

  • Inbank AS (reg. Code 12001988; address Niine 11, 10414 Tallinn, tel. 640 8080);
  • Telia Eesti AS (reg. Code 10234957; address Mustamäe tee 3, 15033 Tallinn, tel. 123);
  • Bigbank AS (reg. Code 10183757; address Riia 2, 51004 Tartu, tel. 731 1333);
  • Liisi Koduliising AS (Reg. Number 14080830; address Posti 30, Haapsalu, tel. 6 755 055)
  • Estonian Branch of TF Bank AB (Publ.) (Reg. Code 14304235; address Ehitajate tee 114-24, Tallinn, tel. 880 3211)


Inbank AS

The installment offered in cooperation with Inbank AS is a convenient way to purchase the necessary goods, no matter which bankclient  you are. If you have chosen the goods and want to pay by installments, we will offer you a suitable solution

If you want to buy goods by installments, please place an order through our online shop and choose Inbank as a payment method. You can get an answer to your request and sign a contract right away at any  day and time of the week.

Installment payment terms:

  • The cost of the  purchase is € 65-4000
  • payment period 4 to 48 months
  • interest rate of 12.9% per annum, calculated on the amount of the installment payment
  • one-time contract fee of 9.9 €
  • monthly installments take place on 12th date

Requirements for Applicant:

  • age 21 to 76 (incl.)
  • regular verifiable monthly income of at least EUR 240. Regular income consists of: salary, pension, parent salary
  • previous payment behavior is correct and there are no active payment defaults
  • valid residence and work permit (for temporaryresidents-a residence permit) until the end of the contract period. We accept the following as an identity document: ER passport, ER Alien passport and ID card;
  • having a current account with one of the following banks (for sending  e-invoice): Swedbank; SEB Bank; Danske Bank; Nordea Bank; Coop Bank; LHV Bank.

Attention! It is a financial service. Before signing a contract, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the financial service, consult a specialist and consult the models of the annual percentage rate of charge! The credit cost of the offered installment payment purchase is 26.93% per annum on the following example conditions: installment amount 1000 €, contract period months 24, interest rate 12.9% on purchase amount, down payment 0%, contract fee 9.9 €, monthly installment 52,99 €, total cost of credit 1271, € 53. The service is provided by Inbank AS.

Telia installment

With Telia installment payment purchase you can buy goods from both Expert Eesti OÜ stores and online shop on the following installment terms: 

  • You choose your payment  period (12 months to 48 months);
  • The interest rate is up to 21.9% and the contract fee is € 9.90 (from € 150 the contract fee is € 15.90, and from € 200 the contract fee is € 19.90);
  • You must be 18-75 years old to sign a contract;
  • Foreigners must have a long-term / permanent residence permit.

Why choose Telia installments?

We will respond to the request immediately. You don't have to be a Telia customer , nor does it matter what bank you use. Installment payment is based on an annuity schedule, ie one fixed monthly payment throughout the period.
Settlement: Telia Eesti AS invoices the contract fee and installment payments. For convenient billing, we recommend entering into a direct debit agreement with a bank that suits you.
There are no additional costs involved in terminating the contract: the early termination of the installment does not involve any additional costs, it is sufficient to submit a written application to Telia. Upon early termination, the balance of installment will be added to the next Telia monthly invoice.

 If you have any questions regarding Telia's installment  purchase please contact Telia Customer Service at no. 123.

The annual percentage rate of charge is 26.2% per annum under the following example conditions: the price of the goods is  charged at € 500; contract fee 19.90 €; the duration of the consumer credit agreement is 48 months; fixed interest calculated monthly on the loan balance of 21.9%. The amount of refunds to be paid by the consumer is € 785.22, including: payment of goods € 500; interest cost 265.32 € and contract fee 19.90 €. The installment provider is Telia Eesti AS (license number 4.1-1 / 17, address Valge 16, 19095, Tallinn). Before signing a contract, please refer to the detailed terms and conditions of the installment purchase and consult a professional if necessary.

Bigbank installments

With Bigbank installments, you can buy goods from Expert Eesti OÜ stores on the following installment terms:

  • Loan amount - from € 100 to € 10,000;
  • Interest 15.9% per annum of the original loan amount;
  • Possible loan period - 3 to 60 months;
  • Contribution is not mandatory - self-financing from 0% * Interest is calculated from the initial installment;
  • The contract fee is € 9.90. The contract fee does not have to be paid immediately, it is divided by the installment period and added to the monthly payment;
  • Monthly management fee € 0.90;
  • You can apply for an installment purchase if you are a citizen of the Republic of Estonia or a foreign citizen with a valid residence permit or a stateless person residing in Estonia.
  • When applying for a loan, please provide your identity document. A passport, ID card or residence permit is suitable for this purpose.

 If you have any questions about Bigbank installments, please contact Bigbank Customer Service at 731 1333.

Liisi installments 

The service provider is Koduliising AS. Every loan is a financial obligation. Consider your decision carefully - check the terms and conditions of the loan agreement and, if necessary, consult an expert. The annual percentage rate of charge is 39.40% for the following example conditions: cost of goods / services 419 €, contract fee 9.90 €, contract period 12 months, fixed rate 20% of loan amount per year, credit amount 419 €, total payments 509.22 € and repayment amount 509 , € 22.

NB! Every loan is a financial obligation. Consider your decision carefully - check the terms of the loan agreement and, if necessary, consult with the professionals.


LIISI advantages:

  • Easy business
  • Quick decisions
  • Flexible terms
  • Customers from all banks can apply
  • There are both individual products and a larger shopping cart avaiable for installment payment
  • You will receive a loan application within minutes
  • If you have to get half of the monthly payments due to the difficulties, changing the schedule is free

 LIISI terms

  • Interest from 16%
  • Contract fee € 9.90
  • Deposit from 0 €
  • All citizens of the Republic of Estonia who are 18 years of age or people with a permanent residence permit in Estonia may apply for Leasing
  • Contract duration is 1 to 48 months


TF BANK installment terms


 Installment terms 

  • Interest 15.9%
  • Period 3-60 months
  • Deposit 0%
  • One-time contract fee 0 €
  • Account management fee 0.9 €
  • The cost of the installment purchase is € 100 - € 7,500


 Requirements for the customer: 

  • Customer age 18 - 75 years.
  • Permanent official income for a personal current account, ie salary or pension.
  • No payment remarks.
  • Identity document (valid ID card, ER pass).
  • Permanent residence in the Republic of Estonia.


 To pay in installments when signing a sales contract: 

  • Please contact the service provider for an installment  purchase.
  • In order to apply for an installment purchase it is necessary to present an identity document (ID card, residence permit card or passport of the Republic of Estonia) in addition to the application.
  • The decision to application is immediately available, after which you can sign the contract.
  • The contract fee is added to the purchase amount.
  • Contributions will be paid to TF BANK AB (PUBL.) EESTI FILIAAL on an invoice basis.


For more information, please contact the Customer Service Representative!

 Attention, it is a financial service. Installment payment is offered by TF BANK AB (PUBL.) EESTI FILIAAL. Check out the conditions at the point of sale or ask our expert for advice. The monthly installment of the installment is € 44.85 and the annual percentage rate of charge is 34.88% for the following sample conditions: 800 € for goods / service, 0% for in-payment, 800 € for credit, 15.9% for the initial amount (fixed), contract fee 0 €, monthly account management fee 0,9 € payment period 24 months, payment of monthly annuity payments, payments 1,076,44 € and repayment amount 1 076,44 €