Shop transport

Store transport modes: transport to room, removal of old product and installation if possible.
Delivery starting from the same day. More information on prices and delivery times can be obtained from the stores

Online shop transport

Transport to the shop- we deliver the goods to the store of your choice and inform us immediately when the goods are in the shop and the opportunity to pick up the goods.Service is FREE. Delivery 0-3 business days.

Transport to parcel terminal- partner is Itella Smartpost terminal. Service is FREE and valid in Estonia. Delivery 1-3 business days.

Transport in front of house- partner is DPD courier. We deliver the goods to the address you have chosen. The goods are brought to the house fornt door. Service is FREE and valid in Estonia. Delivery  1-3 business days

Transport to the room-  our couriers will deliver the goods to the address of your choice. The goods are brought into the room. Service fee is 30 EUR. Delivery 2-5 days.

Service is provided in Estonia (excluding the islands)

Transport to the room and removal of the old product- our couriers bring a new product to you and take away the old appliance at your convenient time. Service fee is 42 EUR. Delivery 2-5 business days.

Service is provided in Estonia (excluding the islands)


Transport to the room and installation-  our couriers bring the goods to your room and install it immediately. Service fee is 55 EUR. Delivery 2-5 business days.

Service is provided in Estonia ( excluding the islands).

Transport to the room, removal of the old product and installation- our couriers bring the goods to your room and install it immediately. The old product is then taken away. Installation includes waste disposal, on-site installation and short training.Service fee is 75 EUR. Delivery 2-5 business days at client's convenient time

Service is provided: in Estonia (excluding the islands)

*Expert Eesti OÜ does not provide installation of gas hobs.

Integrated appliances' installation is provided in Viljandi, Tallinn, Pärnu, Rapla, Võrumaa, Järvamaa, Rakvere.

More information is available at

Prices are valid from 04.02.2022



According to the law, you have the right to file a claim for defective goods within two years. In order to maintain confidence even after two years, Expert offers the possibility of concluding an additional warranty for up to five years!

Additional warranty includes:

free transportation for repairs and back
replacement product during the repair period
We provide additional guarantees to both companies and individuals. For businesses, the standard warranty for products is 6 months, with an additional warranty for 3 years.

Ask for more information at or 650 8780



Expert installment makes it easy and handy to make big purchases! If you plan to make a bigger purchase, it's  smart to make one-time big outlay and to divide it into smaller parts - so you can pay for the item with small installments without the joy of a new thing being left behind in the shadow of big expense made.

The Expert online shop installment partners are Telia, Inbank, Liisi (Koduliising, from 08.04.2019 Holm Bank), BigBank and TF Bank.

More detailed information on the terms and conditions of installments