Windshield washer set KÄRCHER WV 2 + KV 4 Premium

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Perfect cleaning of windows and other smooth surfaces has never been easier, easier and faster. KV 4 is a vibrating cordless cleaner that electrically sprays water and vibrates to remove dirt from surfaces without the hassle of scouring. Excess liquid can be removed with WV 2 window cleaner without leaving drops and streaks. An additional wiping cloth, 4 x 20 ml detergent bottles, battery charger and additional accessories are included in the KV 4 delivery set.


 WV 2 + KV 4 Premium: Kiire tühjendamine

Quick emptying

The black water tank can be emptied quickly and easily if necessary.
 WV 2 + KV 4 Premium: Vahetatav imemisotsik

Interchangeable suction nozzle

Depending on the surface to be cleaned, use either a large or small suction nozzle.
 WV 2 + KV 4 Premium: Vibreerimisfunktsioon

Vibration function

Vibrations help clean and remove heavily trapped dirt.                                 
Тип window cleaner set
Описание Kärcher WV 4 and KV 4 Premium window washers included
Питание Аккумулятор
Тип аккумулятора Lithium-ion battery
Время работы батареи 35 мин
В комплекте 4x20 ml detergents, charger, 2 pads, suction cups