Windshield washer set KÄRCHER WV 6 + KV 4 Premium

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The set makes it extremely easy to clean smooth surfaces. The KV 4 cordless window cleaner, which electrically distributes water and has a vibration function, effortlessly removes dirt from surfaces, saving you from annoying scrubbing. Excess fluid can then be removed with a WV 6 window cleaner so that no veins or streaks remain on the surface. The extra long battery life of 100 minutes and the flexible suction mouthpiece, which cleans surfaces in just one stroke, make the WV 6 particularly impressive - ideal for cleaning near-floor surfaces and leaving the entire window surface, including the edges, free of streaks. The KV 4 set of the window cleaner includes an additional wiping cloth, four 20 ml cleaners, a battery charger and other accessories.


 WV 6 + KV 4 Premium: Parandatud kummiriba tehnoloogia

Improved rubber band technology

The innovative long rubber strip makes cleaning even more flexible - ideal for cleaning surfaces close to the floor.
 WV 6 + KV 4 Premium: Aku eriti pikk tööaeg

Extra long battery life

The extra long operating time of the battery of the Window Vac window cleaner allows uninterrupted cleaning.
 WV 6 + KV 4 Premium: Vibreerimisfunktsioon

Vibration function

Vibrations help clean and remove heavily trapped dirt.                                    
Тип window cleaner set
Описание Kärcher WV 6 and KV 4 Premium window washers included
Питание Аккумулятор
Тип аккумулятора Lithium-ion battery
Время работы батареи 100 мин
В комплекте 4x20 ml detergent, charger, quick charger, 2 cloths, suction nozzle