Cordless pruner KÄRCHER TLO 18-32 Battery / without battery!

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When cutting branches up to 3 cm thick, Kärcher battery-powered is not opposed to the pruner. Thanks to your high-quality intermittent blade, you can cut branches without using force - no matter how difficult it is to reach them. Branches stuck to the tree can be easily removed with a hook. Cutting branches has never been so easy.


 Akutoitel oksalõikur TLO 18-32 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): 18 V Kärcheri akutoiteplokk

18 V Kärcher battery power supply

The device can be used with any Kärcher 18 V Battery Power battery.
 Akutoitel oksalõikur TLO 18-32 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Vaheliti liikuv tera

Intermittently moving blade

Cuts particularly precisely and no force is required to cut.
 Akutoitel oksalõikur TLO 18-32 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Suur ulatus

Large scope

Reaching even the higher branches is not a problem.                                    
Описание twig cutter, cutting force 250 nm
Питание Аккумулятор
Тип аккумулятора Lithium-ion battery 18 V / NOT INCLUDED!
Уровень шума (дБ) 80 dB
Особенности cuts through 3 cm of raw wood
Цвет Yellow / black
Вес 2,4 kg
Размер 911 x 96 x 209 mm