Cordless chainsaw KÄRCHER CNS 18-30 Battery / without battery!

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Due to its low weight and ideal blade length, the Kärcher chainsaw CNS 18-30 Battery is ideal for convenient and versatile tree care. Due to the high speed of the chain, cutting is quick and effortless. The tool-free chain tensioning system and automatic lubrication make the chain saw extremely easy to maintain. As the chainsaw has a brake and a two-part unlocking system, it is particularly safe to use. The product set includes a saw, blade, blade guard and oil bottle.


 Akukettsaag CSW  18-30 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Keti pingutamine ilma tööriistadeta

Tensioning the chain without tools

Easy tightening of the chain with a button.
 Akukettsaag CSW  18-30 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Keti automaatne õlitamine

Automatic chain lubrication

Allows you to use a battery-powered chain saw with very little maintenance.
 Akukettsaag CSW  18-30 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Tagasilöögikaitse

Kickback protection

The chain stops immediately - maximum safety in the event of a kickback.                                  
Питание Akutoide
Описание chainsaw
Saeplaat 30 cm
Keti kiirus 10 m/sek
Keti samm 3/8" LP
Õlipaak 200 ml
Тип аккумулятора Lithium-ion battery 18 V / NOT INCLUDED!
Уровень шума (дБ) 101 dB
Цвет Yellow / black
Вес 3,4 kg
Размер 690 x 230 x 245 mm