Cordless chain saw KÄRCHER PSW 18-20 Battery / without battery!

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TThanks to its practical extension, the battery-powered chainsaw PSW 18-20 is ideal for caring for tall trees. The optimized 30-degree angle of the cutting blade allows the branches to be cut from a height of up to 4 meters, while the user can be safely on the ground. The easy tensioning of the chain and the automatic lubrication function make it easy to use the device. The included shoulder strap makes it easy to use the saw, even for long periods of work. The set includes a saw, blade, chain, blade guard, shoulder strap, hex key for chain tensioning and an oil bottle.


 Akutoitel teleskoopkettsaag PSW 18-20 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Keti lihtne pingutamine

Easy tightening of the chain

Easily accessible screw for chain tightening.
 Akutoitel teleskoopkettsaag PSW 18-20 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Keti automaatne õlitamine

Automatic chain lubrication

Allows you to use the telescopic chain saw with very little maintenance.
 Akutoitel teleskoopkettsaag PSW 18-20 (Ilma aku ja laadijata): Kiirelt toimiv kruvipinguti

Fast-acting screwdriver

The telescopic chain saw can be disassembled into three pieces for convenient storage.                                  
Питание Akutoide
Описание chainsaw
Saeplaat 20 cm
Keti kiirus 5,5 m/sek
Keti samm 3/8" LP
Õlipaak 50 ml
Тип аккумулятора Lithium-ion battery 18 V / NOT INCLUDED!
Уровень шума (дБ) 95 dB
Особенности the extendable shaft helps to reach high places
В комплекте shoulder strap, chain wrench, oil bottle
Цвет Yellow / black
Вес 3,7 kg
Размер 2980 x 95 x 187 mm